Unstable Energy

Unstable Energy adds a 25% CPS boost for every level unstable energy.

There are 20 levels to Unstable Energy giving a maximum boost of 475% to your CPS.

If left running you will lose 1 random structure every 10 seconds, but in Cookie Collector 2 with Stable Energy, you will lose 1 random structure every 30 seconds instead of 10!

Each upgrade in Cookie Collector 2 will give you the boost by 20% instead of 25%. V10.20, this will NO LONGER LOSE structures!

Disabling Unstable Energy and re-activating will NOT reset the timer back to 10 seconds!

Fun Facts Edit

The second last version of CCC had a bug where you would not lose any structures.

That's the gist please add more info I just wanted a page for it so comment and edit. So every 10 seconds taken, you will lose 1 Random structure but Unstable Energy ends when you have all 0 structures!