We need more people to contribute to the wiki!

New Ideas For The Game Edit

Hey i Made this So all the follow Cookie Collectors can share new ideas for the Game.

Im a Huge Fan of this game and i have some ideas to make it maybe even better!

So please feel Free to Write your ideas maybe they will become true :)

So my idea is that there are more different cookies. Maybe between magic and platinum.

The Dispose of Cookies is kinda fun but there need to be more rewards, Nothing huge but like a golden cookie or a collectible.

And Ofcourse Way more archievements. Like reach a CPs of ... or Reach lvl ... !

So that are my ideas. I Hope this game gets updatet with cool new things maybe even youre ideas :)

As this is an unofficial Wiki and the Developer of the game likely doesn't check here you might like to know there's an official reddit and soon there'll be a wiki there made by the mods and other dedicated helpers, all checked for accuracy by the developer himself. There's a full suggestions descussion in progress, as well as an FAQ, official competitions and other great stuff. I'm sure you'll all be very welcome.

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