The small oven is one of the secrets of the game that production wise comes right after the cookie cutter.

There are 14 levels of upgrades for the Small Oven

Multiplier at max level: x16384


Upgrade Cost
Higher Temperatures 6 Thousand
Smooth Trays 60 Thousand
Auto-Cleaning 600 Thousand
Energy Efficient 6 Million
Convection Fan 60 Million
Bigger Small Ovens 600 Million
Faster Baking V1 6 Billion
Faster Baking V2 120 Billion
Faster Baking V3 2.4 Trillion
Faster Baking V4 48 Trillion
Faster Baking V5 960 Trillion
Faster Baking V6 19.2 Quadrillion
Faster Baking V7 384 Quadrillion
Faster Baking V8 7.68 Quintillion

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