Golden Structures are a huge update to the game adding a huge increase to CPS.  

Golden Structures

They do not get reset on prestiging.

You purchase these upgrades using Rainbow Chips . You lose the cost in chips from your current amount and only 50% as much from your prestige amount of chips.

(AKA: On prestige you receive half of the RC you spend back)

&&This recieval reduces the amount of Rainbow Chips needed to buy all of the Golden Structures from ~82 Oct (27 Mil RC) to ~20.5 Oct (13.5 Mil RC).&& (All Golden Structures up to 4D Printer)

The maximum rainbow chips after prestige is 5,000,000.

>>The OPTIMAL point to have bought  (So you still have 5 million RC leftover)<<

Golden Magic Beans - 6.33 Oct lifetime (7.5 million RC) 

Golden 4D Printer - 11.25 Oct lifetime (10 million RC) 

Golden Sun - 17.58 Oct lifetime (12.5 million RC) 

Golden Alien Lab - ???? Oct lifetime (14.75 million RC)

'All Golden Structures is at ???? Oct lifetime cookies (21 million RC)'

So for example, lets assume that your current and reset number of chips are 2,000,000. If you buy the Golden storm, you will lose 800,000 from your current chips so you would only have 1,200,000 remaining but if you were to prestige, you would have 1,600,000 chips.


The bonus they add is only for the corresponding building for that Golden Structure.

For each building it "Increases the base CpS of all 'nBuilding' by 1% for each 'nBuilding" owned"

So for example, you get the Golden Well and you have 90 Wells. The basic output of Wells would be increased by 90% making its basic output (before Upgrades) would become 76,000 up from 40,000 CpS.

Building Rainbow Chips Cost
Golden Cookie Cutter 5,000
Golden Small Oven  10,000
Golden Baker 20,000
Golden Dispense 40,000
Golden Well 80,000
Golden Tree 120,000
Golden Train 200,000
Golden Robot 300,000
Golden Temple 440,000
Golden Volcano 600,000
Golden Mine 700,000
Golden Storm 800,000
Golden Cloner 1,100,000
Golden Vortex 1,500,000
Golden Dark Matter 2,000,000
Golden Time Warper 2,600,000
Golden Nanotech 3,500,000
Golden Alien Lab 4,500,000
Golden Star 5,000,000
Golden 4D Printer 5,000,000
Golden Magic Beans 5,000,000