Golden Cookie Spawn is a upgrade only for the original Cookie Collector. The initial upgrade is 15,000 cookies. Once you upgrade, golden cookies will appear more often, spending less time to appear.

The maximum level in this upgrade is 31.

Each upgrade will appear more often. The minimum time taken is 15 minutes to appear, at max level. Each upgrade will appear more often. The maximum time is 45 minutes to appear if upgrade is level 1.

Golden Cookie Spawner

Time taken to appear (minutes) Edit

Level 1: 45 mins

Level 2: 44 mins

Level 3: 43 mins

Level 4: 42 mins

Level 5: 41 mins

Level 6: 40 mins

Level 16: 30 mins


Level 31 (max): 15 mins

Fun Facts Edit

Please comment and edit this page so hope you liked it I will add more for this feature.

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