Cookies are what you manualy collect in the game to increase your total cookie curency amount.

There are currently 31 different cookies in the game (1 is hidden).

They are a good way to get extra cookies and the best way to get cookies early game. 

There are multiple Cookie Upgrades that increase their spawn rate, value, maximum amount, size, ect...

Cookie TypesEdit

The 31 types of cookies are (in order of cost):

Name Cost Initial Worth
Chocolate Chip Free 10
Peanut Butter 15 Thousand 20
Dark Chocolate 30 Thousand 40
Blueberry 500 Thousand 150
White Chocolate 1.2 Million 300
Chocolate Filled 4.5 Million 1.2 Thousand
Raspberry 20 Million 4 Thousand
Swirl 50 Million 8 Thousand
Half n' Half 80 Million 12 Thousand
Rainbow 200 Million 25 Thousand
Pumpkin 450 Million 50 Thousand
Pecan 1 Billion 100 Thousand
Coconut 3 Billion 200 Thousand
Square 10 Billion 500 Thousand
Star 30 Billion 2 Million
Animal 100 Billion 6 Million
Shamrock 125 Billion 7.5 Million
Gingerbread 150 Billion 9 Million
Bacon 250 Billion 14 Million
Caramel 500 Billion 25 Million
Fortune 1 Trillion 60 Million
Peppermint 8 Trillion 260 Million
Oatmeal 45 Trillion 500 Million
Mint 250 Trillion 1 Billion
Funky 5 Quadrillion 1.5 Billion
Twist 10 Quadrillion 2 Billion
Checker 50 Quadrillion 2.5 Billion
Cinnamon 125 Quadrillion 3 Billion
Waffle 300 Quadrillion 3.5 Billion
8-bit 600 Quadrillion 4 Billion
*Cactus 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Cash 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Mech 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Plasma 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Ultimate Gem 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Sticky 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Hypernova 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
*Blue Moon 800 Quadrillion 5 Billion
Diamond 1 Quintillion 9.999 Billion
Platinum 50 Quintillion 78 Billion
Magic 100 Nonillion 10 Quadrillion

Cookies with * beside them are winners of the Cookie Clicker Collector Cookie Creation Contest.

Just to put the cost of the Magic Cookie into perspective, the first of the following numbers is the price of the Platinum Cookie and the second is that of the Magic Cookie.



Cookie Price Increase

In this graph you can see how much more a cookie costs than the one before It. A 100% increase means that the price of the cookie is twice as much as the cookie before it. So the bigger the increase the more you will have to wait to buy it. Magic cookies are not included in the graph because than you couldn't se the others:P.



There are 9 upgrade that affect the cookies in some manner.

Fast Cookies , Max Cookies , Cookie Value , Large Cookies , Inner Spawn , Cookie Variety , Screen Wipe , Auto Clicker and Cookie Boost .

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