Info on Disposal of cookies finding the easter egg, opening the easter egg, and what you get from the easter egg in the vortex 

Dispose of Cookies and Easter EggEdit

Dump cookies earned into the vortex for a chance to get a prize.


Detailed infoEdit

Every level in the Disposal the cookies you will need to sacrifice will double.


Easter Egg

Upon reaching level 80 you unlock the easter egg from the vortex.

When you reach level 80 the cost for each sacrifice will cost 604 sextillion which will mean to get to level 81 it will cost 604 septillion to level up.

It will take around 609 Septillion cookies to get the secret.

This easter egg can be opened by tapping the easter egg down with your finger and shaking your device.

The shadow cookie gives a double cookie boost to everything.

The shadow cookie also changes the appearance of the app itself.

There is currently nothing else after level 80 of the Vortex


Shadow Cookie